Lead Types

Following are the categories we generate leads for:

  • Fee-only Financial Planning

  • AUA Financial Advise

  • Registered Investment Advise

  • Portfolio, Asset, and Investment Management

  • Education & College Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Tax Planning

  • Insurance Planning and Management

  • Pension & Retirement Planning

  • Debt Management

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we generate financial advisor leads?

Leads are generated traffic through either SEO or paid search campaigns on Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook Ads. Microsoft Advertising is a service that provides pay per click advertising on the Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo search engines.

All qualified leads are exclusive to you, they are not sold to multiple buyers. We even include the customers IP address to confirm uniqueness.

We generate financial advisor leads through our following websites:

How much do our financial advisor leads cost?

Our prices are as below:-

  • Starter Plan - Rs 900/- fixed price per non-exclusive email/phone validated lead and there is nothing to pay up-front. However, we suggest you to buy a minimum of 20 to 50 validated leads together to atleast achieve 5% conversion rate.
  • Value Plan - Rs 9000/- fixed price per month paid annually with money-back guarantee and FREE joining/listings on our websites. You can cancel your subscription at any time; no questions asked. Each Lead has conversion rate of 5% to 40%.

See our pricing plans

What benefit do you get by becoming a paid subscriber?

By becoming a paid subscriber you get following benefits:-

  • You get listed on our premium "Financial Advisor Listings" websites
  • You get a dedicated inbound leads qualifier
  • You get 25% discount on our Ads Management Fee for your PPC targeted ad campaigns

All paid subscribers receive a minimum number of exclusive qualified leads, however, there is no guarantee on the number of leads.

Example - Suppose, you are on the value plan and received 120 exclusive qualified leads last year and at 30% conversion rate 40 leads got converted into customers at an average AUA of Rs 25 Lacs. If you charge 1% fee based on AUA then your return on investment is approx 3x.

What is the conversion rate?

As all prospects have themselves undertaken a search online to find a financial adviser thus the conversion rate typically depends upon you. We expect zero to 5% of validated leads and 5% to 40% of qualified leads to get converted to a customer... the rest is up to you!

What is the difference between a validated vs qualified lead?

A validated lead is a prospect that has not been contacted yet, however, the email address or phone number has been validated using OTP.

A qualified lead is a prospect that has been initially contacted by our call center team and the data filled by the lead in our questionnaire(s) is qualified whether correct or not along with the interest and urgency of the prospect.

How many leads do we generate per month?

There is no fixed number of leads generated per month. However, we usually receive validated leads in 1000s per month.

What data will you receive in the lead?

You will receive name, pincode, telephone number and email address of the client as well as the type of advice required. If you are a subscriber then you will receive a complete leads management dashboard as well.

Why hire us when you can do it yourself?

We understand there must be many times when you must be asking why pay ₹9000 per month when I can generate leads myself through my website, however, you must understand joining or getting-listed on 3rd party websites such as RiaFin, NiyuStars, Best Financial Planners in India, LordGovinda - How to Manage Debt increase your client's trust in your financial advisory services. How - when you are spending money on your business then it means you are serious about it and you are in the market to provide top notch services by building your brand.

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